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Great service at this mechanic shop! They were clear about the problems and costs and had the repairs done within 2 days! Then they even stayed open late so I could pick it up after work :)

— ‘marizzleboogle’ via

“Great Service and Prices!”

— Deborah W.

“Always Honest... They are Great!”

Someone recommended this place to me a couple of years ago, I go to them for regular services and they are always honest and what they quote me is what they do. Two days ago my tire pressure light came on and I stopped by this morning and asked them to have a look, they stopped what they were doing and put it up the hoist, checked all the pressure on the tires added air and one tire was very low and they checked to see if there were any nails or possible holes in my tire took about 25 minutes and sent me on my way. I have always have good service from them and they never charge me more than quoted. If there has ever been a problem they always call and show me the parts they replaced when I come to pick up my car. They are great!

— Diane S.

No Hidden Costs, Great Communication

Amazing little mechanic shop! They diagnosed, gave a quote, and repaired within 3 days! Didn't have any hidden costs and communicated well about the situation of my car! Even stayed open late so I could pick it up after work :)

— Mariah N.